Teaching Kid the Lesson without Punishing

With the help of positive parenting, you would be excited to see your child wanting to cooperate. However, even properly connected and your beloved children may get overwhelmed by some extreme emotions and start to act out. Since children’s brains are not fully developed, they usually have less impulse control.

Therefore, even the most positive parents sometimes fail to prevent misbehavior from their children. But, it doesn’t really mean that we should ignore the issue while blaming lack of control over impulse. Being a parent, it’s always your job to teach your child a good lesson regarding how to behave properly.

Often times, children don’t really have an idea regarding what a good behavior really is. In that case, it’s not the misbehavior that your child is showing. You will just need to tell your kid how to behave.

But, if your child is properly taught about the good behavior and, still, he doesn’t behave in the way you taught him to, it wouldn’t be the lesson your child needs to be taught. It is basically due to the emotions which your child is not finding easy to regulate. So, there are a few things that you need to do in order to help your child regulate the emotions.

  • First, calm yourself. If you are calmer, the child would learn how to remain calm.
  • You would want to guide your child when he acts out. Reconnecting with the child is the best way to start with.
  • You would need to help your child regulate the emotions. It’s not something that you can teach with the strictness in your behavior. Show empathy so that your child would start feeling being understood.
  • Sometimes, children only need to get the burden off from the chest. You need to listen to your child.

These are just the basic things you need to do in order to start guiding your child towards improving the behavior. With that said, there are some things beyond basics that you also need to consider to make the behavioral change permanent.

Set the limits with an understanding about the child’s perspective

Since you have spent reasonable amount of time teaching your kids how to behave, it becomes easier to snap the misbehaving child. It’s because you are not taking child’s emotions into consideration.

The right way is to take a deep breath, show acknowledgement to your child and get a control over the child’s emotion.

Guiding emotions

Humans can make mistakes about the things they are fully aware of. It is usually due to the emotions we often ride on. And, children are more prone to making these kinds of mistakes because they have less control over their emotions. So, the right way is to connect with the child by showing some empathy.

Say welcome to the redemption

When the session of emotional ride and anger is over, children would want to get closer. This is what the adults would also want to do. So, you need to be welcoming about this change in your children. It would help them to make permanent change in their behavior for good.


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